Colours; Red, Yellow and Blue Hoops, Blue Shorts, red,yellow and blue hooped socks

From small beginnings the Massey Rugby Football club has risen to its present strong position in Auckland Rugby circles.

Back in 1954 the pupils of the local primary school played 7 A'Side matches on an inter-school basis and in 1955 an approach was maqde to parents by the hobsonville Rugby Football Club that Massey field a 15 A'Side team on Saturday mornings on a regional competive basis.

As no field was available in Massey at the time- the local Domain being in the process of development-all these games were to be played on the hobsonville War Memorial Park. This arrangement lasted one season.

When Massey Domain was made available for play, problems arose with the referees from the Kaipara Sub Union as this Domain was situated in the Auckland Rugby Union area and Hobsonville was in the Kaipara Sub Union.

In 1957 Massey was fielding three junior teams which had to travel all over the Kaipara Sub Union area. This proved to much for parents, players and supporters so on the advice of the Kaipara Sub Union it was recommended that Massey approach the Auckland Rugby Union who suggeste Massey contact Waitamata Rugby Football Union at the time, the present colours, red, yellow, and blue hoops and white shorts were approved. The shorts were changed to blue in recent years.

For several years only junior teams were catered for and as players grew a grade team eventuated, then a second grade team.

In 1971 the present club rooms were laid out and furnished through the efforts of a very hard working and far-sighted Management committee, the funds being raised in part by the lady supporters and junior teams.

With only one field at Massey Domain it was difficult to have training area and playing field in resonable condition but Massey Managed with difficulty in their earlier years.

Being allocated fields at moire park, Massey, has enabled the Massey Rugby Football Club to have a lit all weather training field and four othere playing fields a their disposal with a good parking area.

The Senior teams were formed in 1972 and have, over the years, had their "ups and downs". In the late 1970s the club had reasonable success in the Third Division several times just missing promotion. In 1951 with a new coach and influx of senior players who had played all their football for the club and the introduction of John Allen, Auckland Rep. to the club, success came our way, seniors and reserves winning there sections.

1982 was a vitage year once again. The senior won promotion to Division one for the 1983 "kickoff" and with the new clubrooms at Moire Park completed and the offical opening before the commencement of the 1983 season, The Massey Rugby Football club looks forward to many successful years.