Kasuga 2019

2019 will see the Kasuga Little Ruggers Club come down to New Zealand. We will be expecting some 120 children. They will be arriving 18/8/2019 and will be with us until 25/8/2019. There will be alot of fundraising going on around the club this year to help us host our guests.

We will be looking of billet families to host the Japanese players, aged between 9-12 years old. 


Kasuga History

Massey Rugby Club has an association with Kasuga Little Ruggers Club, stretching back beyond 1990. The contact first began after Waitamata Rugby Club visited neighbouring Kasugae Club in 1987 and Kasuga Little Ruggers Club wanted to share the experience with a club a similar distance from Kasugae. Kasuga and Kasugae are both Junior Rugby Clubs in Fukuoka City Kyushu, Japan.

The first exchange between Kasuga and Massey in 1990 involved 90 players and 50 adults, the Japanese children being billetted with Massey Families and enjoying the "Kiwi" experience. The sporting and cultural exchange has formed strong bond between the respective Japanes/New Zealand families.

Since this first introduction Massey and the Kusuga Little Ruggers Club have exchanged and hosted one anothers clubs on a tri-annual occurance.

In 2007 Kasuga visited Massey with 16 Adults and 48 Children. 

2010 saw Massey travel to Kasuga with

The return visit by Kasuga Little Ruggers Club in 2013 was once again a valuable and memorable experience for all involved with 

Kasuga 2016 

In 2016 we took 53 Massey Juniors to Kasuga Japan for ten days to enjoy a magical rugby and cultural exchange. Many international friendships were formed and the inter club friendship was further strengthened.

We now look forward to our Japanese friends visiting us in 2019 when we will have the chance to host and share.

Any donations towards the return visit in 2019 will be happily accepted, either speak to the Junior Rugby Committee or make a deposit into the below account.