Massey RFC provide rugby teams for boys and girls aged between 4 and 13 years old. Both Boys and Girls start with Rippa rugby and then move to tackle rugby as they get older.

We also provide Girls and Boys Rip Rugby for players who do not wish to play tackle rugby.

If you are over 13yrs old you will play for your Secondary School.


All grades play on Saturdays mornings.

Younger grades will play at either 8:30am or 9:30am. The older grades are normally 9:30 or 10:40am games. Your coach or manager will advise you of your game details and they can also be located on our website  - Junior Rugby/Draws.


Please see below table.

Boys AND Girls: Junior Rugby, can be played at any grade by boys OR girls. There is a Girls Rippa competition for girls who want to play rugby without tackle.


Each player needs to purchase our club socks & shorts. Boots must be worn for ALL grades – with either studs or plastic moulds.

The club will issue out your playing jersey to your team coach or manager and this remains the property of Massey RFC at all times. You will be issued a playing jersey for each game which must be returned to the team management at the end of each game. 

ALL returning players should have received a registration email, if you have not please contact the Junior committee. 

All players are required to attend an official weigh in at the club.


Registering online and paying your subscription means your child and you as the parent or guardian become (non-voting) members of Massey RFC for the 2022 season.

Players will only be allocated to a team if minimum payment of $25 is in place or an alternative payment structure is in place with our Junior Committee. Email to create a time payment plan. 

Once you have paid online for the 2022 season you have become a member of the Massey RFC Club for the 2021 year and are bound by the rules and bylaws of the club. 

No refund of membership fees shall be given. If exceptional circumstances occur and a player can no longer participate for the season then an email can be sent to explaining the reason why you are requesting a refund. This will then be taken to the Junior Committee for a decision. If granted there will be an administration fee deducted from the total amount paid.

If we cannot place your child in a team due to too many or lack of numbers there will be a full refund given of your subscription given.

Players shall be placed into teams on a first registered basis. So it's best to get in quick.

2022 Fees structure:

Mininimum payment upon registration $25.00 per player

Single player $95.00,

Two players $170.00

Three or more players $225.00

Please ensure all fees from the previous season have been paid to ensure your registration acceptance for 2022.

WINZ quotes / Payment plans can be arrange with Chris Aukino Junior Club Captain 021-240-8160 or email 

Automatic payment set up:

ANZ  06-0622-0971856-05

Ref: Initial & Surname

Particulars : Grade/team


a good selection of second hand boots will be available at no cost on registration days. Please feel free to drop any unwanted CLEAN boots on these days as well.

Season started:  7/5/2022

Please note that Covid restrictions will be inplace, you will receive an email from our junior committee with regards to participation requirements. 

All children aged 12.3month must show and covid pass upon registration.